Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yes, ANOTHER race.


My name is Anya and I am a running-aholic.

I signed up for a 1/2 marathon in Laughlin on Saturday, but I am probably going to wuss out and change to the 5K.  Yes, three races, three weeks in a row!!!  woot woot!

More to follow, stay tuned.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meatout! 3/20/2011

Tomorrow is Meatout Day!

Meatout is a grassroots movement to educate people about a wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The purpose is to expose the public to the joys and benefits of a plant-based
diet, while promoting the availability and selection alternatives to meat and dairy in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants, and catering operations.

Tune in tomorrow for more on Meatout and vegetarianism!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cirque du Soleil 5k

Yay!  Another official 5k race is on the books!

This race was called "Run Away with Cirque du Soleil" and it was at the Springs Preserve which is kind of an outdoor garden, nature, conservation center here in town.  The race was to raise money and awareness for One Drop which is an organization dedicated to ensuring that everyone has clean and safe water.  The chairman for the charity is the founder of Cirque du Soleil.  They said today that a child in the world dies every 20 seconds due to not having access to clean water. 

So I got up at 6:30 and I was about to put on my cute new running skirt and t shirt and lo and behold I let the dogs out and it was 52 and cloudy and overcast and windy (NO SUN) outside - in other words, it was COLD.  So I got out my compression pants and I had to search for a long sleeved running shirt.  Luckily I found my Full Moon Extraterrestrial Midnight marathon shirt from when I did that race last year and I was set to go.  I tried to wake Scott up but that wasn't happening, so off I went alone!  This isn't a problem for me except that when I'm alone I don't have a photographer.  I didn't want to run with my camera so I left it in the car but for the future, I am going to just have to learn to do so, especially if I want to be a blogger.  Not that anyone reads this anyway.

Here I am in the mirror before I left the house:

I think my hips are looking a little slimmer, but that could just be wishful thinking on my part!

So off I went.  When I got there I left everything in my car except for my car key and my iPod.  It was pretty darn cold.  Actually it wasn't sooo horrible except for my fingers and I really wished that I had brought gloves.  But alas, Starbucks was there so I had a small cup of Pike's.  I told the Starbucks girl "bless your little hearts for bringing coffee".  lol.  There were about 20 Cirque characters gadding about for photos while we were waiting and they were on stage talking about the charity.

There was a lot of waiting and they did this thing where thy had the parachute sheet from the bed scene in Love and they had painted it with the One Drop logo and they took it and stretched it over the whole crowd, so we sat under it, which was nice because it was warmer under there due to the wind being blocked.

We had a warm up and Mayor Oscar Goodman came out and spoke for a few minutes.  This was the 10th annual race, and the first time they affiliated with a charity and didn't have to use the Springs Preserve as the charity.  And off we went to the starting line.

Cirque characters at the starting line, I'm way back there somewhere

Mayor Goodman shot the starter pistol and off we went.  The run itself was pretty easy and I warmed up quickly once I started moving.  I was moving along pretty fast until after the turn around and I had to run INTO the wind.  Ack.

I still made decent time overall and my time was a mere 30 seconds longer than my six tunnels run.  Which I think was amazing considering that I was running into the wind for half the race.  And I got sad because before I knew it, it was over...

So, here's my overalls....

I finished 38 out of 73 in my age group (women 35-39)

I finished 484 out of 827 overall.

Chip time: 32:56

Pace: 10:35

Honestly, I just wanted to finish in less than 35 minutes, so I did good.  Someday I will get my 5k pace under a 10 minute mile.  Someday.

When I finished I got my picture taken with some Cirque characters:

Look at those pearly whites - got the teeth whitened yesterday and they are looking good!

That was my favorite part of the whole experience :)

They had all sorts of events after the race, they had a Cirque band play, they had circus stuff for kids, like a tightrope walk and balancing on balls.  They had these high schoolers with big like 10 foot kite butterflys, they had Whole Foods there with fruit and a big piano with bubble mix in it and all the kids were blowing big bubbles.  It was just a fun event overall and I was sad that no one else went with me - not because I was alone but because it was just such a good time and I thought that other people would have appreciated it and had a good time.

I stayed for the raffles and awards (I didn't win anything) and then I was off to my car where I blasted the heat and went HOME.  Overall, a great time, I am glad I went.  I have my sights set on a 8k next which is about a 5 mile race.  Wish me luck!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Run Away with Cirque du Soleil

Ok, so I am doing another 5k tomorrow!

Cirque du Soleil 5k

Running is becoming a bit of an addiction for me.  While I am running I like parts of it, and parts of it are hard, but I crave it and I am so elated when I finish!  This race should be fun, it's at the Springs Preserve, Mayor Oscar Goodman is going to be there and different Cirque cast members.  Should make for some good photo ops!  Recap tomorrow!

Also, I was down THREE lbs at my weigh in on Tuesday, so i believe that I am WELL on my way to goal again (sooo happy!).  As of Tuesday, I was exactly 8.2 lbs from goal (go me!).  Again, I should have got a small race shirt today instead of a medium.  When will I ever learn?  I am wearing a shirt today that I haven't worn before because it's been too small.  I have actually gotten smaller on the top, all of my shirts are big, even though I haven't lost but three lbs in the past two months, my body has redistricted a bit and my top half is smaller.

I went to the dentist today for the first time in many years...they were super nice and I got my teeth whitened with Zoom! whitening.  Wait until I get my happy smiling race finishing pictures tomorrow so you can see me happy white teeth, woo woo!  Best get your sunglasses out now!

Gotta finish my laundry and wind down to get to bed early to rest up for my race tomorrow, wish me luck!  I don't have any goals for this race except to finish at 35 minutes or less.  We'll see if that happens.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam 5K RUN

YAY! I did it!  I RAN in a 5K RACE!!!!!!!!

I have walked several races (Rock n' Roll Las Vegas 1/2 marathon, Catch the Rabbit 1/2 marathon, ET Full moon midnight 1/2 marathon, Mardi Gras 10K, Susan G. Komen 3-Day 60 mile walk), but this is the first event where I actually RAN the entire thing!

So, I got up yesterday morning and I didn't shower even though Scott said I should.  I ate a bowl of oatmeal made with Lite Silk Soymilk and a banana.  I put on my compression pants, running socks, my Adidas Supernovas, sports bra and my bright green shirt that we had made from the Vegas 1/2 marathons.  Of course, that shirt is an XL and I am a Small to medium now, so it was kinda bagging:

But since it was a St. Paddy's run, we were encouraged to wear green and I wanted to wear it since it has my name on it and everything, so off we went.  Scott very generously went along since I asked him to please take pictures of me at the finish. We went to the Hacienda hotel/casino in Boulder City almost the whole way to the dam - Arizona, that is.  I couldn't believe the crazy parking and how many people were there, it was really nuts, I didn't think I was going to get a spot.  I finally found something, we walked through the casino for one last bathroom break and I decided to tie a knot in the back of my shirt to tighten it up so it wasn't flapping in the breeze.  I put on my iPod and got my Garmin set to record my pace and distance, I got my sunglasses and gave Scott my phone (that was a toughie - I had really wanted to carry it!) and I was ready to go:

a couple of pics just outside the Hacienda:

I've already posted these on Facebook and I received tons of comments, people saying how great I looked - that I looked STRONG and LEAN and SKINNY!  WOO WOO!  I just think that I look HAPPY, which might be just as much an accomplishment for me as being all of those other things. 

Since I gave Scott my phone and camera, I couldn't get any pics of the actual race, so I started walking down to the trailhead.  He was going to hang out at the casino for about 1/2 hour and then come down.  I had told him that if I run my fastest 5k ever, I will be done in 35 minutes.  I have been running 11 - 11.5 minute miles on my neighborhood runs and my fastest one ever was 35 minutes.  I figured being on gravel and being in a crowd with a bunch of people that my time might be as long as 45 minutes, so I told him no shorter than 35 and probably no longer than 45.  The info about the race had said it was about 1/2 mile to the start and OMG, it was down a trail that was made of dirt and down a cliff, yikes!  I had said to someone behind me "just what I need is to break my leg five minutes before the race", lol.  So I got down to the start about one minute before the 1/2 marathon was about to start.  They started at the tunnel at the trailhead.  This course is neat as you run along what used to be a train track that was built to take supplies to the dam.  They actually blasted tunnels through the rock for the tracks, to get supplies through.  The tracks are long gone, but the tunnels are there and it's kind neat to run through them - you get cooled down and some shade.  

These are some pics of the tunnels from last year when I did the Catch the Rabbit race - it was on this same trail, just so you can get an idea of what the tunnels look like:

So, the 1/2 marathon started and then they lined us up.  I got in the back of the pack, since that is where I am used to started and besides I figured that I was a slow runner and I would be in the back of the pack.  So off we went, they had bagpipers standing on the top of the first tunnel where we started, I started my Garmin and I was on my way.  I was happy that I had started in the back, as it wasn't too crowded but I did take off around tons of walkers.  I kept thinking that was me before and to look how far I had come.  It was sunny and warm but not too horribly hot and I kept passing people and looking at my Garmin and thinking that my pace was too fast and that I needed to slow down.  I was afraid I was going to not have any energy left for the end but I was feeling good and I kept on going.  There was a water station at about .75 and I slowed down and drank a water and then before I knew it, I was at the 1.5 mile mark, and the turn around.  

So I remember thinking that I was halfway done and I needed to slow down, but my feet wanted to keep going, so off we went.  I did stop at the water again and I passed lots of people, but I was doing great.  I saw the sign for one mile to go and I thought wow, I only have about ten minutes left, and ran a bit more, turned the corner, and there was the finish line.  I actually got choked up just for a split second but then I got really happy because I knew that I was going to do it!  I started looking around for Scott and I didn't see him, and I was smiling really big as I ran the last 1/4 mile and before I knew it, I was done!  The announcer said, good run ladies and someone handed me a medal.  My MEDAL!  YAY!  The medal is one of my main motivations.  I LOVE GETTING MEDALS!  I felt like I earned this one so much more than other races where I walked and got a finisher's medal - I RAN for this one - I was so happy.  I looked around for Scott and didn't see him anywhere and I stopped my Garmin and it said 32:34 - wow!  That put me at a 10:33 mile???  I had beat my fastest 5k by 2.5 minutes!  YAY!  and that was just my Garmin, not my official time.

So, I finally hear Scott and he says, "sweetie, you finished too fast, I saw you coming around the corner toward the finish line and I wasn't even down there yet"  then he said, "look up and look at all of these people that you beat!"  I looked up and there were a bunch of people finishing behind me - I'm not worried about racing against any of them, I just wanted to race with myself - but I felt validated as a runner.  So I asked him to take my picture at the finish line:

and just like that, it was over...I had to go and pick up my Bountiful Basket so I had to take off...

So we went and got the basket and went home and I wore my medal for the entire day:

even when we went out for my victory dinner at Red Robin....

I was eager to see my official time and rank and when I got home and checked the website...

Out of 54 finishers in my age group, I finished at # 11 !!!!!!!!

11 ANYA SANKO              LAS VEGAS NV         39 F     33:56   32:22 10:25
NO WAY!!!!! 
That 32:22 is my chip time for the race and the 10:25 is my mile pace....Little did I know, 
apparently that would be in the top 20ish% :)
I finished 191 overall out of 421, putting me well into the top half (top 45% actually) overall!
That means there were over 200 people that came in behind me.  I really have no idea how this occurred.
What I do know, is I did it, I finished and I did good and I am happy. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

RUNNING a 5K tomorrow - OFFICIALLY!!!!!!

I am running the 6 tunnels to Hoover Dam 5K tomorrow!!! Yay and Yikes!!!!!

Have I mentioned how I have always hated running and how I could never do it and how ASTONISHED I am that I actually CAN run?  I mean, I am pretty slow and I know I'm awkward and I probably look really weird doing it, but I am RUNNING now!  So weird.

As far back as elementary school I wanted to run, but after two minutes my chest would be heaving and I would be gasping for air and feeling like I was going to die.  I never understood how people became runners.  I don't really understand how -I- became a runner.  However, I really feel like I have to amp up my exercise to get 10-15 lbs off and the way that most people do it is by running.

When I started my WW journey ten years ago, I never thought I actually would be able to get the whole way to goal.  140 lbs seemed so far away and I never thought I could get that small.  I thought that maybe I could do 170 or 160.  But you know, here I am at 150, down 67 lbs from my all time high of 217 and I reaaaaaaaaallllly want to be 140.  I just feel like my body is used to all of the exercise and activity that I have integrated into my life and that's it's used to the vegs and the natural foods.  That was one of the good things I think about the old WW Momentum program was that when you lost more weight, the number of points that you got per day would decrease.  Maybe they need to do that again???? I have been 150 +/- 2 lbs for three months.  I think running and boot camp will help immensely.

So, tomorrow I go to Boulder City and RUN a 5k.  Last year in February of 2010 I walked a 10K and almost died.  I walked a 1/2 marathon in April on this same 6 tunnels course that I am doing tomorrow.  I feel like this is going to be an amazing day for me tomorrow and that it could be potentially life-changing.  I sure hope that I can run the entire thing.  I ran 2.5 miles yesterday and I was dying so I decided to take today off and rest to be fabulous for tomorrow.

Here I am in my cool 6 Tunnels 5K t shirt that I picked up today in my race packet

my nerdiness knows no bounds, this is what I ran in yesterday, YIKES

going to work on Thursday.  Not the greatest picture but the pants make me look skinny!

But anyway for tomorrow, I have my compression pants, my race shirt, my Adidas Supernovas, my race number, my Garmin, my iPod and my camera.  I am ready to run 3.1!  Wish me luck!  recap will come tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I may get past this plateau yet

So, here's my dilemma.

I stayed the SAME at my weigh in last night.  I have been the same weight for at least the last three months +/- 2 lbs. At least I'm maintaining, but the problem is I am NOT at my goal. I knew the last ten pounds would be tough and I knew that to really get that fit, I would have to amp it up, but I really didn't expect this. sigh.

I read an article today about plateaus and I have been trying to find it to post here, but I have been unsuccessful. Basically the suggestions were: add weight training 3x a week, drink more water, track what you eat and change your exercise.

So, other than the fact that I have been very lax with the program over the past few months, those suggestions are REALLY applicable to me. I have been working out continuously for well over a year, but I always do the same workout: cardio/Zumba. So it is time to switch it up and add some Body Pump for weights. This means I have to cut out a Zumba, or two but I think I'll survive. I remember when I first started Zumba, it was my goal to be able to make it the whole way through certain instructors' classes, especially the really high energy ones. I still sweat at Zumba, but I believe that my body has gotten used to doing it regularly and that it takes less energy (fewer calories) to move my smaller bootie and smaller hips around so I burn fewer calories per class than I used to. So, time to ramp. When you do weight training and you have a higher muscle mass, you burn you burn more calories so, weights it is. I have to come up with a new gym schedule. I will miss Zumba, but I think this will be good for me to shake it up and ramp it up. I also don't drink NEARLY enough water, so that's going up too.

So last night I went to Zumba with my friend Cheryl, she is a breast cancer survivor, and she had a double mastectomy over a year ago and she is starting reconstructive surgery on Monday. So, this was her last Zumba for a while, because she is having a series of surgeries. She is such a strong and brave woman. Oh yeah, and I met her at Weight Watchers. I will miss her at Zumba, she is so funny, she cracks me up. She also writes music and sings and acts and all kinds of stuff in addition to her day job as a Valet driver. I love the characters in this town! She'll probably never see this, but good karma is coming your way from me, my girl, and I know that your surgeries will be successful and that you will be great! I am thinking of you.

pre-workout (not sweaty)
post-workout (sweaty) with Cheryl (isn't she fabulous?)
VIP locker room!  I bought the membership as my reward when I lost 40 lbs!

So, last night I signed up for a 5k for this Saturday, YIKES!

So I figured I'd better run.....

post run, no worse for the wear.  Scott said I looked like I was gonna collapse, lol.  He better not be saying that when he's photographing me cross the finish line on Saturday!

it's posted on the previous blog entry, but I wanted to prove to myself that I actually could DO a 5k before I tried to run it on I did exactly a 5k (3.1 miles)...

I have actually finished races before.  Last year I took up walking and I did three half marathons, a 10k and the breast cancer 3 Day 60 mile walk (20 miles a day for three straight days, camping in a tent at night).  I have medals from all three halfs and the 10k, but never from an event that I actually RAN.   SO this week - I run.  Wish me luck!

Rock and Roll announced yesterday it's Vegas 1/2 marathon and marathon are going to be ran on the Strip at NIGHT!!! SO, I'm tempted....

And I already signed up for THIS - MY DREAM RACE!!! But don't tell anyone, shhhhh... I haven't told a few key players yet....

I ran a 5K!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

This cold may kill me

I'm trying to feel better, I'm hoping, I really am.  It's just not happening.

Last night I couldn't sleep to save my life.  Well, between Scott (bf) snoring, Miller (pug) snoring, Alpha (pug) doing some OCD licking and me hacking up a lung I just had no chance.  So I bailed to the couch.  Of course by then it was almost 1:00am and I hadn't slept a wink, but at least it gave me some quiet.  I brought the vaporizer out to the living room and set it up by the couch and started playing an episode of Homicide on the computer and I finally fell asleep somewhere around 2:00am.  Of course, I had to get up at 0530 ACK!!!!

I was soooooo tired when I woke up, but I always set out my clothes for the morning and pack my gym bag the night before, so I don't have to make a decision at 0530 about whether or not I am going to feel like going to the gym after work.  It's a good trick, I recommend it, it takes away that "ewwwww, i'm tired...I don't want to go attitude", because the reality is, you never know how you are going to feel later.

So all day at work I kept thinking that there was no way I was going to the gym, and I excused myself - I did run yesterday, after all, even though it was LAME.  But as soon as it hit 3:30 and the workday was almost done, I started thinking about Zumba.  I have such a set work out schedule and I always go to Zumba on Mondays at 4:30 and it's directly between work and my house so it's actually difficult for my car to NOT pull in to the gym parking lot.  Speaking of the gym parking lot, WHERE DID ALL THESE PEOPLE COME FROM????? I have been a member of this gym for three years and usually the membership upswing is in January - you know, New Year's and all that, but this year the upswing happened in mid to late February.  For some reason there is never any parking on Mondays and all of these people are circling the first and second rows like vultures.  Seriously people? it's the GYM.  You can park in the 4th or 5th row and walk a few extra yards.  It's not like you are handicapped and can't walk, you are going into the GYM!!!  LOL.

Even one of the personal trainers said it to me in the locker room, "wow, there's a lot of people out there today".  yes, yes there are.  So of course I was late, I cut this class close anyway and the parking didn't help, so I had like 8 minutes to change and lock my stuff up and get upstairs for class.  I hate being even marginally late, because there is a certain spot I like to stand in all of my classes....serious dork moment, yes I am Sheldon Cooper incarnate, I have to be in the front row (I have to be able to see myself in the mirror and see the instructor and the instructor's FEET - most important for Zumba), I have to be on the left side (when instructors face the side, they usually face the right, if you are on the left and you turn, you can see them, if you are on the right and you turn, they are at your back, now granted they do sometimes face the left but not as frequently as the right), I have to only leave enough room for one person beside me to my left, and I have to be able to set my water bottle, cell phone, locker key and towel down on the box that holds the yoga equipment in the front of the class so that I don't set it on the floor.  If I'm late and I miss one of those criteria, it will negatively affect my workout (told you I was Sheldon).

So of course, I am just about 30 seconds late and I get to the top of the steps and the class is already in the room.  dammit, so I have to squeeze my way in to where I like to stand and I know people get irritated when you come and crowd in between them (I know I do) but so it goes.  I ended up working out next to the spastic singer lady.  I haven't seen her around in a while, I used to see her in almost every class.  She dances all crazy, and sings all the words to the songs in Spanish really loud as she dances.  She's kinda funny actually, she's easier to deal with than some of the other characters I see around.  One of the other instructors used to always play Pitbill's "Hotel room service" and this woman used to literally scream, I could hear her from the back of the room, "two plus two, I'm gonna undress you, three and three you gonna undress me, four and four WE GONNA FREAK SOME MORE!"  Guess she liked that line, lol.

So, I made it through Zumba, I did get pretty sweaty, and I did have a coughing fit about two songs in and my eyes were watering and I had to actually stop dancing and go get a drink.  I wasn't even warmed up yet, I just was coughing, but that passed and I did finish.  I didn't stay for yoga, but I figured I was doing pretty ok for being Typhoid Mary.

I wanted to get some pics of the VIP locker room at the gym but there were people in there both times I was in there - before class and after (and before I was running late), wouldn't you know it, the one time I bring my camera, and there's usually not a soul in there and today it's all crazy.

I told you, lots of people in there.  I'll get some later this week, I promise.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I ran, I ran so far away....

Ok, so I am as sick as a dog, as my mom used to say, but I am hoping that I am on the upswing, finally!

I actually called into work on Wednesday (loser) because I felt terrible and I just couldn't make it in.  Tuesday night I went to my favorite Zumba - Alison teaches it and my friend Cheryl from WW came along.  Afterward I started feeling bad, Scott said I was hobbling around like an old lady.  Yeah, I woke up at 3am and my throat was on FIRE.  I sounded like a frog when I talked, so yeah I called in.  I actually like my job, so I hate calling in, plus I feel like a loser and like they think that you are faking no matter how sick you are.  I did work Thursday and Friday was my regular day off (I have every other Friday off - yay rotating 9's!).  But I loafed all weekend and haven't worked out since TUESDAY.  Ugh, so unacceptable.  I have no idea how I am going to get these last 10-15 lbs off, get fit, and get HOT without working out.  So, hoping that my nose would quit running for 45 minutes, I decided to go for a run today.  I have been running on the treadmill - well, I won't lie, I ran three times on the treadmill two weeks ago.  I am hoping to build up to be able to run a full 1/2 marathon, but we'll see.  So, I had run 2-3 miles on the treadmill no problem so I figured I would run three miles today.  OUTSIDE.  For the first time ever.

So I donned my compression pants and my cool "one more mile" shirt, as well as my Adidas Supernovas...

My shirt says on the front, "if it weren't for me, you'd have nobody to pass", and on the back, "if you can read this, I'm not last".  Their shirts are the best for us slow runners, at least we can make fun of ourselves.  Note to self, get more shirts from them...So then I asked Scott if I looked like a runner.  Yes, really it's all about the vanity, lol.  I thought that maybe just maybe I may have looked kinda cool, but when I look at this photo, I realize that I really just look like a dork.

So I put on my iPod, held my iPhone to use the Nike+ gps (even though I had already mapped the route with my car and I knew the exact mileage) (Garmin coming in soon, yay!) and off I went.  I decided to do a full 3 mile distance, but that the first and last 1/2 mile would be the warm up and cool down, so I really would only be running for 2 miles.  So I started walking.  The first thing I noticed was that my compression pants were falling down.  wth?  I just bought these like three weeks ago and they are supposed to be super tight to hold everything in and keep it from jiggling.  well, yeah, falling down and they are a medium.  seriously, could I need a small?  I am afraid of buying a small anything, but that's a topic for another time.  A year ago I was an XL in everything, it's very surreal....But I walked the 1/2 mile, and ran the 2 miles, almost died, then walked the last 1/2 mile.

Really, it was hard for me to run today.  I don't recommend running while sick, I reaaaalllly don't, I was breathing way too hard and struggling, but at least I got my little workout in today.  So according to the Nike+, I ran 2.14 miles in 24 mins, 42 sec, for an average pace of 11'30" per mile.  I know that as far as runners go, that is hellaciously slow, but I will take it.  The fastest I ever ran on the treadmill was a 14 minute mile, I started off at 15 minute miles, so I am really ok with this.  I'll get better and faster as time goes on.

I really feel like in order to continue this journey and lose these last pounds before goal that I have to amp up my exercise and I think that running is the way to do it.  I have been inspired by two bloggers: Sheryl (bitchcakes) and Suzi and they both started running to amp up their fitness.  Hell, they actually inspired me to start blogging - high fives to the young and hip WW chicks, this is not your mother's WW any more!  Both of these two ladies are at goal and they both have been photographed as WW success stories.  I hope to be there someday.  I hope to become a WW leader as well.  Setting my sights high, yes, yes...

Here I am after the run with a bit of a red face but not too worse for the wear:

Well, maybe I'm a little worse for the wear but I'm sick give me a break.

Tomorrow work (got some weird meeting in the morning) and then I am working on an almost impossible project (ack). Then hopefully Zumba and maybe Yoga depending on how I feel overall.

I want to get better so I can go to Boot Camp!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bloggity Blog Blog

Well, here I am again.

Blog blog blog....

This is more for me and my own mental masturbation that anything, because I am sure that no one will ever read this, but wouldn't it be nice to brand myself and have advertisers and be all popular and have people read my random musings?  It's really just about notoriety, and my own desire to say to everyone, "look at me!"  But in the end, it's probably just for myself and a snapshot of this moment in time.
lists are easier for me, so here are the random musings, maybe these can be future blog topics:

  • I love Bountiful Baskets and what they are trying to do but I cannot stand the clientele.  It's really a joke compared to what it was supposed to be, its mission is really not being upheld
  • I love having this retro house but the thought of fixing it up and remodeling and doing home repairs makes me tired.  I have no will and inclination and vision and creativity.  I am much more analytical
  • I wish I didn't have to go to work every day.  If only I was independently wealthy
  • It almost offends me that people want to have kids
  • Weight Watchers may have saved my life, but damn I wish I could get to goal.  Why is there always something in the way?
  • I have always wanted to be a runner, so I am going to be one.  I just have to kick this stupid cold/flu/laryngitis thing first.
  • I am 95% vegan and sometimes, being vegan is a lot of work.  Prepping veggies is a a lot of work.  Although there are SO MANY benefits to eating naturally.
  • Yes, I am about 45 lbs down from this time last year.  I do Zumba and yoga and I walk and bike and I try to run and I am gonna do boot camp...yes, I actually LIKE working out.
  • I would love to become a registered dietitian and a personal trainer.

more later, I am suddenly uninspired.