Monday, August 10, 2015

Reggae Marathon Runner Profile!

As most of you already know, in a fit of craziness last week, I decided to register for the Reggae Marathon to be held in Negril, Jamaica on December 5, 2015.

Not long after I registered, I was contacted by the Reggae Marathon's Social Media Guru, asking if they could do a runner profile on me for the Marathon's blog.

Not ever being one to turn down the spotlight and since magical things happen to me frequently in life, I of course said yes!  I wrote some answers to some interview questions and sent in some photos and my profile was published today on their blog!

Please head on over and check out their blog and check out the Reggae Marathon.  If you're looking for a great destination race, come on out and run with me in Jamaica in December as I attempt to conquer what will be my THIRD full marathon!

p.s. welcome to all of you who clicked over to my blog from the Reggae Marathon page!  Read my blog for updates on my training, race reports and general musings on life!mpod

p.p.s.  In a crazy twist of fate, I won an Armpocket Armband today in a giveaway from the super cool folks over at Stridebox!  Just giving them both a shout out and a big thanks!!!

One Life!

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